Garima believes that a true Yoga lifestyle cannot be achieved just by the practice alone but also how we live. She has been researching the Sattvik Lifestyle for years and has developed a deep understanding and a unique approach to attaining it. There are many aspects of this lifestyle, depending on what stage of life you are at that can be imbibed, without much struggle or strife in transition. Garima has multiple modules, ranging from that can be undertaken in corporate, individual or group workshops that can provide a step-by-step guide to leading a cleaner, more holistic life.

Your body clock - how your body works, what are the timings you should keep and what are the interventions that you can make so your body can prepare for a cleaner lifestyle through yoga and breathing techniques
Eating right, living right - Choosing the right ingredients for your meals and the recipes that make every dish a spectacular experience
Home remedies - These are multiple modules within the same and range as follows:
  • Remedies for specific results like weight loss, or better eyesight etc.
  • Remedies for diseases from the flu, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, hormonal imbalance to irregular menstruation etc.
  • Remedies for beauty, glowing skin, radiance on the face, brighter eyes etc.
Ayurvedic solutions - when to invoke this medicinal science and how and when you can use it with home ingredients

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