From The Greatest Adversity Emerge The Most Glorious Transformations

Garima's Journey began when she moved to Delhi as a single mother with her two kids aged just one and three. With barely a friend in the city, she set out to carving a career path for herself. Right from the onset, her journey was riddled with struggle. In addition of taking care of two little children single-handedly, facing societal stigma and abuse in the form of unnecessary comments and judgements, she had to suffer the betrayal of those she thought to be her closest friends. It is at this overwhelming juncture that yoga walked into her life. And before she knew it, she found her self under the tutelage of Shri Sharath Jois at Mysore. That was the point that she entered a sweet abyss that drew her in deeper and deeper towards the practice.

Her journey of becoming an influencer was also nearly as natural. She started out her Instagram account to learn more about yoga and started posting her own yoga pics and experiences and out of nowhere, she received a call from the India Today Group. That is when things truly took off. She soon became face of the Yoga Tak Channel and became an international ambassador for the discipline, holding classes and teaching students the world over. In the next few years, Garima put brought her other skills to the fore such as Image consultancy, Beauty consultancy, Etiquette and Behaviour consultancy and more and has been training corporates and individuals in these areas ever since. The response on her personal channel was so overwhelm that she eventually decided to go off on her own and has already started making deep inroads in the Indian Yoga Community as a principal trainer at Imstrong, an on-board style and beauty consultant with Geetanjali Salons and much more.

More about Garima She is an internationally acclaimed Visual Communications Coach, Yoga Evangelist and a Lifestyle Influencer on Social Media. She specialises in etiquette training, impression management, professional and social protocols, behaviour transformations, body language and communication expert (visual, verbal, vocal) She has been featured in a German National Television documentary on origin of Indian yoga (Arte TV), Times Of India, Hindustan Times, Business Line, India Today TV, Aaj Tak, The Daily O, Mid Day and a number of magazines, TATA SKY, Airtel dish TV, and various E-articles to name some, She has been a brand ambassador to a yoga channel with the India Today Media Group, She has her own YouTube channel called Garima Bhandari and has been very well received by the Indian and international audience.